[2023/02/10]Today’s Market Analysis [USD/JPY, SP500 Forecast]

Market Analysis

I'm Yoji, the owner of this blog|I'm 39 years old and live in Tokyo, Japan|I own a BMW 5 Series|I've been a trader for 8 years|I've been trading for 2 years and have made a profit|I mainly trade USD/JPY and Gold|I own Ethereum|Please feel free to ask me any questions about trading (I do not speak much English)

This blog provides market commentary on the USD/JPY and SP500 using moving averages and trend lines for the following

  • Beginners in trading
  • Those interested in trading using moving averages.
  • Those who do not know how to draw trend lines.
  • Those who are incurring only losses in trading.
  • Have never had someone teach you how to trade.

We also provide an overview of the trade on tiktok and instagram. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a comment or direct message. So without further ado, let’s begin today’s market commentary!


Weekly Chart

USD/JPY Weekly Chart

It looks like we will end the week with a cross candlestick. It would be a good idea not to force a trade this week and enter the market next week and beyond to see what the market direction will be. There are two factors that will determine the direction for the next few months: the first is today’s announcement by the incoming Bank of Japan Governor, Mr. Ueda, regarding his policy. The second is the U.S. economic indicator, CPI.
Either way, the principle of trading is not to go against the trend, so do not enter until the trend is clear.

Daily Chart

USD/JPY Daily Chart

Although the daily lows and highs appear to be breaking up, the moving averages are converging and the market environment is directionless. Do not trade when moving averages are in this type of shape.

4 Hourly Chart

USD/JPY 4 Hourly Chart

The announcement of the next Bank of Japan governor, which was made in the evening of Japan time, triggered a volatility in the market, but the market has remained in a range. As with the daily chart, the moving averages are converging, and we should refrain from trading this week.


Weekly Chart

SP500 Weekly Chart

The week is likely to end on a negative note, but looking at the moving averages, the short and medium-term lines are pointing upward, and a golden cross is likely. It will take another week or two for a golden cross to occur, but it is a good idea to accumulate “buy” positions when the price drops.

Daily Chart

SP500 Daily Chart

Although the market was down this week with four negative lines, it was a perfect market environment to accumulate “buy” positions. It may be a short period of adjustment, so those whose margin maintenance ratio is less than 5000% should not increase their “buy” positions, but should remain calm and wait and see.

4 Hourly Chart

SP500 4 Hourly Chart

There is an 800-hour moving average around $4,000, and the price may fall to that level, so those whose margin maintenance is less than 5000% should not increase their “buy” positions. If your margin coverage is higher, do not hesitate to “buy” when the price drops.

Analysis tools and reliable brokers

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Chart Analysis Tools

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Forex Brokers

XM Global

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